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Patricia Mitchell Photography has been seen all over the world. On 9-11-01, she was in the Heart of Ground Zero, as flames surrounded her.

By 9-12-01, her photographs graced the newspapers around the planet. Patricia has been recognized at the Arlington National Cemetery Gallery, in Washington DC, where her photographs from 9-11 were hung on display. Later the show traveled throughout the United States. Her work has been seen in NYC at the National Arts Club, the Prince Street Gallery in Soho, and the Wooster Gallery and The Center for Photography at Woodstock, NY.

Newsweek Magazine "viewers" named one of her photographs as the Top Ten Photographs of the week.

Patricia is magical with children and babies. She uses the same technique with children, as she uses with her Photo-Journalism work, both resulting in candid photographs.

Watching her "Wrangle" or watching her photograph a baby, one observes her telepathically communicating with the child, filling the baby with an incredible boost of confidence and sheer joy. Patricia has worked as a professional Wrangler for the following magazines and Corporations: Parents, Child, Family Circle, More, Toys "R" Us, Babies "R" Us, and Hanna Anderson just to name a few.

She attended Colorado College, an Ivy League liberal arts school, which taught from the "Block Program". Studying to be an actress, she studied under Sydney Pollack and Sandra Seacat, to name a few. One of her three-week acting partners was Christopher Reeves (after he had made the successful Superman movie). During this period Patricia starred in musicals and directed two rock opera's, where she received a standing ovation every night.

When Patricia was still a teenager, she won a State Championship in "Children's Story Telling" as she rewrote a rare story in her own animated style.

Patricia has a B.A. with a Major in Communication and a Minor in English and a Concentration in Performing Arts. Before University, she attended the boarding school American Musical School of Arts, during which she performed with the "Young Americans", a performing group compared with today's American Idol.

Patricia then went abroad attending King's College (a branch of Cambridge in the U.K.), furthering her studies as an actress and writer, while studying under legendary theatrical critic Jon Lahr and Diane Devlin.

Patricia with Jasiah Rose

After graduating from College, she arrived in NYC, with an invitation from a Top Modeling Agency. Staying true to her passion, she worked as an actress for the first couple years until tempted by the high paying modeling jobs that were offered overseas. It's there where she took up the camera as she traveled the world, living in several major cities around the globe: Paris, Madrid, Milano, Florence, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Athens, Greece and several exotic islands. She gravitated towards the children. And her trained director's eye became apparent with her first photography show, entitled Children of the World, which was held at a trendy café in Florence, Italy. She had an apartment in the center square overlooking Florence's beauty and culture.

While living in Athens, she resided in the Grande Bretagne Hotel on Sigtagma Square. While living in Berlin, "The Wall" came crumbling down. In Paris, she enjoyed a lifestyle where she sipped champagne overseeing the Champs Elysees: Yet, Patricia has also lived in teepees at the Four Corners National Monument Park. Her diverse background has allowed her to gain a unique perspective on life.

For several years Patricia Mitchell was a major fixture in New York's City social scene, appearing in over a hundred society and fashion magazines in the U.S. as well as from around the world.

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